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At Goodman Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive dental services for a wide range of issues. At the heart of our practice are general dentistry procedures such as teeth cleaning, fillings, x-rays and more. We also provide a range of cosmetic dentistry and emergency care services, so if you're in the White Mountains area and you need dental care, we're the place to visit for all your needs.

General Dentistry

Getting a check-up and regular dental service is vital to long-term dental health and hygiene. At Goodman Family Dentistry, we provide a wide range of general dentistry services to make sure your oral health is on the right track, including teeth cleaning, x-rays, fillings, root canals and more. Our general dentistry services are second to none and because they're comprehensive, once you visit us it's unlikely you'll ever need to go anywhere else. Call to schedule your appointment today!

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Goodman Family Dentistry, we also offer tremendous cosmetic dentistry services from dental crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and more! Whatever you need to improve your smile and feel confident about your teeth, we can provide it. We have an excellent track record and extensive experience in our wide range of cosmetic dentistry services. If you're in need or simply interested to learn more, all you have to do is call!

Emergency Care

We know how painful dental problems and issues can be. That's why we provide emergency services without the need to schedule an appointment, including extractions as well as other treatments. If you're in need, you can count on us to provide quick relief and resolve your issue as soon as possible. Don't delay in getting the patient care you deserve - stop by today!


If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.  We look forward to providing you with the personal care you deserve.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.


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